Many people know Greece for its amazing beaches, delicious food and hatred of washing plates after a meal. What you might not know is that there is an epic winter playground hidden away in it’s many mountains. The potential here is obvious, and the small but vibrant community of snowboarders is starting to flourish in what’s set to be one of the top backcountry destinations in Southern Europe. This film follows the journey of Themistocles Lambridis through the Greek mountains over two seasons, making new friends and shredding some of Greece’s best kept secrets.

Release & Distribution

Cinema Release

  • Danaos Cinema, Athens
  • Mikrokosmos Cinema, Athens

Festival Release



DIRECTOR Themistocles Lambridis

PRODUCERS Themistocles Lambridis Spiros Badios

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS Cathleen Lambridis Christian Ristow Nick Damianakis Spyros Damianakis

EDITORS Themistocles Lambridis Spiros Badios

COLORIST Dimitris Lambridis

GRAPHIC DESIGN Andonis Iliakis

FEATURING Spiros Badios George Chalkias Vasilis Koutoumatsiotis Gerasimos Avramidis Nikolas Plytas Antonis David Spiros Bellonias Dimitris Liossis George Ouzounis Mike Stylas Daniel Petrov Dimitris Dimitriadis Themistocles lambridis