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Themistocles Lambridis

Themis was born in the US, raised in Greece, and after spending years working in the adventure tourism industry in New Zealand, found his way back to the Motherland to spread the message that Greece is way beyond Feta…

A filmmaker by trade, Themi has directed several award winning documentaries, some of which have also appeared on television worldwide.


Andreas Mitsioulis

Andreas ,aka zethon. From a young age he found out that snowboarding makes him happy. He has a master degree in science and works as a physics and math teacher. Based in northern Greece, traveling between Thessaloniki and Vasilitsa. You will also find him cruising around on his longboard, running long distances, sailing and spreading the world with love and joy.


Yiannis Spyroudis

Yiannis was born in Thessaloniki. After completing his studies (BΑ, MSc in Environmental Management & Sustainability) yoga came into his life. The practice of constant kinetic meditation led him to experience an ongoing transformation process. Yiannis teaches vinyasa krama with emphasis on handstands, trying to convey his love and enthusiasm for the philosophy of yoga. A devoted traveler, he often organizes classes and yoga retreats into the wild.

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