Mt Olympus Summit 2021

Mt Olympus Summit 2021

We went back for our annual rendez-vouz with the Gods. They treated us with clear skies, nice temperatures, lots of ambrosia and nectar and an amazing aura that made for greatest time ever, even after a long hard hike to the top.

The first day was dedicated to getting up to the Muses Plateau, where we met our mountain guides, Saki and the crew from Trekking Hellas. We ate, drank and told jokes (mostly bad ones) in the warmth of Apostolidis refuge.

The next day was an early riser, leaving for the peak around 7am. The hike was made easy by the warm sun coming out just as we approached the Mytikas couloir. We summited around 10am, and after a good photo session on the peak we headed back down to get some much needed coffee and lunch.

Later on that day we walked down to Petrostrouga refuge where we settled in for a lazy evening with board games and good conversation. Although this was the least exciting part of our trip we felt so happy to be able to chat to everyone who was with us and get to know them a little better. That’s what make the difference to us. And we made some great new friends!

To finish it off, the final day we went down to the Enipeas waterfalls, dipping our legs in the ice cold river water.

Thanks to everybody who was there, you made it perfect! The Gods will be waiting for us to return next year.

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