Ski touring and Splitboarding in Greece


Why should you go Ski touring or Splitboarding in Greece???

Greece, renowned for its sun-kissed islands and azure coastlines, is a country that transcends its beachside allure. Contrary to the stereotypical image, approximately 80% of Greece is graced by majestic mountains, offering a haven for winter enthusiasts to explore it while Ski Touring and Splitboarding. In this article, we delve into the northern realms of Greek mountains, unlocking the secrets of their alpine beauty and unveiling the untapped potential for captivating winter tourism. Join us on an exploration beyond the beaches, beyond feta, as we navigate the snow-laden landscapes that define the winter wonderland of Greece.

Vasilitsa: A Winter Wonderland for Every Rider

Nestled in the picturesque region of Grevena, Mount Vasilitsa stands tall at 2249 meters, inviting winter enthusiasts to a paradise of untouched beauty. Boasting one of Greece’s most enchanting ski resorts, Vasilitsa unfolds as an off-piste haven with a unique charm.

Greek playground to splitboarding and ski touring

Off-Piste Paradise Amidst Robola Trees:

What sets Vasilitsa apart is its status as an off-piste paradise. Here, among the perennial Robola trees, riders can carve through the snow in a mesmerizing dance with nature. The magical touch of riding through these ancient trees creates an unparalleled experience, making Vasilitsa a must-visit destination for snow enthusiasts.

Snow Conditions and Powder Marvels:

The snow conditions in Vasilitsa are a dream—cold, fast, and adorned with light powder. This delightful combination sets the stage for an extraordinary experience in alpine skiing and snowboarding. The northern snow adds a unique touch, drawing parallels to the renowned powder of Japan.

Summit Views of Nothern Pindus Sierra:

Reaching the summit unveils an awe-inspiring panorama. Positioned in the heart of the Northern Pindus Sierra, Vasilitsa offers breathtaking views of iconic peaks such as Smolikas, Tymfi, Olympus, Pisoderi, Vitsi, and Kaimaktsalan. The vista from the top is a visual feast that captures the essence of Greece’s northwest mountainous beauty.

Gomara Peak: A Thrilling Ascent and Descent:

Challenging the riders is the nearby Gomara Peak, easily accessible for ascent. The reward? Perhaps the best ride in the area. Descending from Gomara, riders are treated to an extraordinary northern slope experience, blessed with the finest quality snow. The backdrop of Samarina, the highest village in the Balkans, adds to the allure of this remarkable descent.

A Haven for All Levels:

Vasilitsa caters to riders of all levels. Whether you’re a beginner honing your skills at the ski resort or an experienced rider seeking off-piste adventures, Vasilitsa promises an inclusive winter wonderland. The variety of terrains ensures that every rider finds their perfect path amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Mount Vasilitsa.

Local Culture and Culinary Journeys:

Immerse yourself in the local culture surrounding Vasilitsa. The nearby villages come alive in winter, welcoming visitors to the ski resort. Explore charming taverns serving delectable local dishes, offering a taste of authentic Greek mountain cuisine after a day of alpine exploration.

Après-Ski Revelry:

As the sun sets over Vasilitsa, the weekend brings an extra layer of excitement. Chalets on the mountain transform into lively venues hosting après-ski festivities, where riders can unwind, share stories, and revel in the vibrant atmosphere that defines the winter experience in the Greek alpine landscape.

Exploring Winter Bliss on Mount Smolikas

Across Vasilitsa, Mount Smolikas stands tall at 2637 meters, extending a captivating invitation to winter enthusiasts. An enchanting odyssey awaits as adventurers explore this accessible alpine gem, with an easy ascent that reveals the mountain’s diverse beauty.

Splitboarding in smolikas

A Snowy Symphony for Every Level

Mount Smolikas emerges as a beacon of backcountry skiing and snowboarding, distinguished by its unrivaled terrain and diverse landscapes. Within its expansive domain, riders discover an array of unlimited peaks and slopes, catering to all skill levels. Whether you crave the exhilaration of a leisurely ride or the challenge of technical descents, Smolikas presents a myriad of choices. The pristine snow covering its faces mirrors the quality found in Vasilitsa, creating a familiar yet uniquely enchanting experience. From accessible routes to those demanding climbing equipment, Smolikas invites adventurers to explore its winter wonderland. To fully unlock its potential, a seasoned guide becomes your companion, ensuring a journey that transcends the ordinary and immerses you in the extraordinary winter landscapes of northern Greece.

Landscape Marvels and Dragonlakes Magic:

The winter landscape of Smolikas is a magical tapestry adorned with diverse trees, including black pine, robola, and oaks—a picturesque backdrop for the snowy escapade. The panoramic view of the surrounding mountains steals the show, with Mount Tymfi as the crown jewel, resembling the enchanting Dolomites. For a visual journey through the dragonlake magic of Smolikas, watch our captivating video:

Accessing Serenity Away From Light Pollution:

The exceptional quality of Mount Smolikas lies in its distance from major cities, creating an environment free from light pollution. As night descends upon the mountain, it transforms into a haven for stargazing enthusiasts—a unique experience in the alpine wilderness of Greece.

Wildlife Encounters and Nocturnal Wonders:

The remote setting of Smolikas enhances the chances of encountering wildlife during nighttime excursions. The nocturnal wonders of this alpine realm reveal a different side of nature, where the sounds of the wilderness echo under the starlit sky. Each moment adds to the enchantment of winter nights in the Greek alpine landscape.

Winter Events and Cultural Treasures:

Discover any winter events or festivals happening on Mount Smolikas, blending seamlessly with the cultural treasures that make Smolikas a haven for winter sports and a repository of local heritage.

Exploring the Pinnacle: Winter Wonders on Mount Olympus

A Mythical Gateway to Winter Adventures

Elevating our winter journey to new heights, we stand before the majestic Mount Olympus—the highest peak in Greece and a realm steeped in myth and history. This colossal mountain, known worldwide for its historic significance, once served as the residence of the Greek gods. In the heart of Greece, Olympus stands alone, a colossal guardian offering unparalleled adventures accessible from all faces.

Winter Mt Olympus

Infinite Trails, Majestic Slopes: Olympus, an Ever-Changing Alpine Canvas

Beyond its mythological allure, Mount Olympus is a multifaceted playground for thrill-seekers worldwide. From climbing to canyoning, mountain biking to hiking, and even paragliding, the possibilities are as vast as the mountain itself. One of the most extraordinary features is the ability to ascend to its summit in the morning and, by afternoon, dive into the crystal-clear seas of Greece—a juxtaposition of alpine heights and coastal beauty unparalleled anywhere else.

From Ascents to Descents

As a protected natural haven, Olympus remains unspoiled and virgin—a testament to its ecological significance. If you come to Greece you need to visit the snowy slopes of Mount Olympus, where mythology, adventure, and pristine nature converge in a harmonious symphony. Mount Olympus reveals itself as a boundless playground for winter enthusiasts. The mountain boasts an infinite network of trails and slopes, each inviting exploration and offering a unique ride down its majestic slopes. Throughout the winter, shelters perched atop the mountain transform into snowy havens, adding a touch of magic to the alpine experience. Check out our last day trip all the way up to Christakis refuge, an awesome option for Ski Touring and Splitboarding.

A Transformative Alpine Experience on Mount Olympus

Olympus caters to every level of adventurer, from those seeking easy ascents to those craving technically challenging terrain. The array of trails ensures that every day on Olympus brings a new adventure, a different challenge to conquer. The beauty of this mountain lies not only in its mythical charm but in its versatility—offering skiers and splitboarders an ever-changing canvas of winter wonder. For those daring to immerse themselves fully in the Olympus experience, a week-long stay promises a plethora of activities. From thrilling ascents to the summit to exploring technical descents, each day unfolds a new chapter in the alpine story. Energize yourself, as some hikes may span several hours, promising not just a physical challenge but a transformative journey amidst the breathtaking winter landscapes of Mount Olympus.


So… YES! You definitely need to visit Greece for Ski touring and Splitboarding

As we conclude this journey through the snowy realms of Vasilitsa, Smolikas, and Olympus, we want to emphasize that these are just a glimpse of the alpine wonders Greece has to offer. Our country is a vast winter playground, with countless mountains waiting to be explored. If you find yourself captivated by the allure of these peaks and thirst for more snowy adventures, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Whether you’re seeking information on other mountains, planning your winter itinerary, or looking for tailored guidance, our team is here to assist you. Greece’s alpine treasures are yours to discover, and we’re ready to help you embark on your next thrilling winter odyssey. Contact us for more details and let the snow-covered journey continue! You may also check our last apline adventure trip in Greece: TTAG BACKCOUNTRY EXPEDITION