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In mid 2017 Makis Kalaras, a three time Paraolympic competitor and Silver Medalist, endured a severe injury to his bicep tendon, rendering his arm almost completely useless, leaving him with only one fully functional limb. No better time to set his sights on going to the Winter Paraolympics in South Korea in March of 2018. This is the story of his journey through rehabilitation, physiotherapy and qualifying for the games.

Most people know Greece for its amazing beaches, delicious food and smashing plates. What you might not know is that there is an epic winter playground hidden away in its many mountains. This film follows the journey of Themistocles Lambridis through the Greek mountains over...

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Just after yet another snowboard contest/gathering at Kalavrita resort this season, Spiro decided to set up a kicker session with an open invitiation to whoever hadn't left the mountain yet. Early Sunday morning he walked up to a spot he'd scoped out a few days before and started digging. A couple hours later the first snowmads started cruising over, surprised to see Spiro had built not one, but three different hits. We started by sessioning the hip, with Spiro and Plytta basically owning the spot with some sexy spins and a couple of inverts.