Combine Outdoor Adventures

with Team Bonding Games

The tailor-made excursions that we prepare specifically for the needs of your company provide the opportunity for the development of team spirit and the tightening of employee relations. Through specially designed experiential activities and enlivening games, participants cultivate a wide range of soft skills in an inventive and fun way.
At the same time, our activities for relaxation and well-being, as well as the direct contact with the natural environment, guarantee the necessary rest from the fast pace of everyday life. And all this, while traveling to unique destinations all over Greece!
Plan with the help of our team, a complete experience, exactly as you imagine it!
From the selection of the appropriate destination and accommodation, to the detailed planning of the activities, TTAG provides ideas and solutions based on your own needs.

Why choose us

We create tailormade proposals to cover all your requirements
We provide experiences that will bring you in touch with nature and will remain forever in your memory
Our team consists of professionals who respond to all your needs.
We guarantee that at the end of the day you will feel comfortable and you will develop strong bonds between your team member

Previous Team Building Trips

We were asked by the UNHCR team to create an 8-hour team building trip to a location near Athens. Just an hour away from the city we found ourselves in a beautiful house in the middle of the woods. After the team’s professional meeting with their manager, we went for a short hike in the nature. At our stop, we played some ice breaking games to relax the atmosphere between us. When we returned, a full lunch prepared by a professional caterer was waiting for us. Then, we started our team building project which consisted of games aimed at creativity, cooperation and problem solving.It was a very enjoyable day which resulted in team members returning to their workplace with more energy and a fantastic mood
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