Snowboard Greece – The Falakro Experience

Snowboard Greece – The Falakro Experience

When we decided to hit the most Northern ski field in Greece, we didn’t think we would have to walk the extra mile (literally) just to get there. Apart from the fact that I forgot my Splitboard skins in Thessaloniki and was super annoyed with myself, we then stumbled upon a pretty good size snow drift in the middle of the road up to the resort base. The lifts had seen their final working hour just the week before, but somewhere down the line we heard about the “epic” amount of snow left on the bald mountain, so after failing to get the car through the first of apparently many of these drifts, we parked up and started unpacking our gear.

About an hour later we’re hiking up and over the first saddle into the lift basin. The snow was already soft but there was plenty of daylight left to get some shots. We split into team A and team B. Team A had a 5 minute rest and began climbing up to the second plateau to hit a run we had scoped out with a nice little gully in it. Team B went over to this narrow concrete tunnel to dig some kind of jibbing monstrosity and smoke cigarettes.

A couple hours later everyone on Team A apart from 1 had made it to the top and were ready to drop in. The 1 casualty abandoned the upwards route along the way due to technical malfunction and a painful Achilles tendon (allegedly). One by one the boys dropped in and chose their lines, mostly bombing it down the top and playing surfy-surf with the ridgeline lip down low.

Now that everyone was shattered, and team B still had at least half a pack of tobacco to get through, we opened up the jib. Balls ablazing we flatlined the slushy entry into the tunnel and mostly bailed, apart from a couple of good spins and grabs we haphazardly managed to stick. Team A departed way before team B had finished the session though, and there were some feelings hurt.

Daunted by the soupy walk back up and over the saddle team B gathered for a group picture to boost our morale, and started trekking. Upwards and onwards until we seriously didn’t ever want to hike in snow again… like ever.

Then we went to Olympus…