Snowboard Greece – The Kalavrita Kicker Diaries

Snowboard Greece – The Kalavrita Kicker Diaries

Just after yet another snowboard contest/gathering at Kalavrita resort this season, Spiro decided to set up a kicker session with an open invitiation to whoever hadn’t left the mountain yet. Early Sunday morning he walked up to a spot he’d scoped out a few days before and started digging. A couple hours later the first snowmads started cruising over, surprised to see Spiro had built not one, but three different hits. We started by sessioning the hip, with Spiro and Plytta basically owning the spot with some sexy spins and a couple of inverts.

An hour or so later we opened the small kicker into the powdery bowl landing for some fun practice, while more and more riders seemed to be appearing from every nook and cranny.

After the landing was trenched out like a WW1 battlefield we moved over to the big boy booter… where the real fun began. Poor Spiro had at this point drained his energy resources and left the big hits to Plytta, Raymond and a couple of the other boys who all took turns throwing tricks they couldn’t try in the park. A few double rodeos and double backflips later the boys were killing it and the shots speak for themselves.

This is the kind of session that really gets the blood pumping, and in reality offers a safe and controlled stepping ground for groms to step up their game and try things they wouldn’t otherwise be able to.

Props to everyone who came down and tried things they’d never tried before. Now go buy yourselves a good shovel and stop relying on the park to progress your riding. Snowboarding is about using the mountain to it’s full potential… Dig it!


Thanks a ton to Chris Tsanis for his delicious images 🙂