Just like a lot of my peers, I grew up in Greece and took the fast train out as soon as I was done with high school. Not without warrant, I mean the education system is pretty confusing at times and the prospect of living on my own in a foreign country sounded damn appealing. After 6 years in the UK I moved to New Zealand, even further away from my home, in search of something more valuable than the urban environment I was used to. I ended up in a village in the mountains, where I went on to spend 5 years connecting with nature in ways I hadn’t been able to until then. I was conditioned to believe that my homeland was just a series of golden beaches and a selection of ouzo. My inclination for the colder climates and mountainous terrain kept me from considering Greece could fulfil these needs in the same way.

In 2014 I happened to meet two of the most influential people with respect to my view on my home. Gerasimos Avramidis and George Ouzounis, two of Greece’s best known snowboarders, showed me around their back yards (Vasilitsa and Parnasso respectively) revealing to me a wealth of landscape and potential I had never dreamed could be found on this tiny speck of land.

TTAG was born. The idea was to make a movie about Greece’s winter landscape and help promote adventure tourism in a country that didn’t even understand what that means. It became apparent pretty quickly that there was a pretty healthy community of mountain lovers and winter explorers already heavily invested in the winter terrain. The government however showed no indication they were about to accept Adventure Tourism as a standalone facet of the industry.

And who am I to tell anyone what to do? Yeah no one really. I just want to spend more time in nature. So here’s my excuse. I hope you enjoy it!



Themis Lambridis

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