TTAG Aoos River Trekking 2023

TTAG Aoos River Trekking 2023

TTAG Aoos River Trekking 2023

22-23-24/9 ’23

Experience the Ultimate Adventure: Aoos Gorge River Trekking Excursion

Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable journey through the pristine landscapes of Greece? Join us for a thrilling river trekking excursion in the breathtaking Aoos Gorge, set to take place on the 22nd, 23rd, and 24th of September 2023. This action-packed adventure, in collaboration with the local adventure company “Mountain Vein” and our good friend Alex Nikolopoulos, will leave you with memories to last a lifetime, offering a unique blend of nature, adrenaline, relaxation, and exploration.


Our base will be the charming town of Konitsa, Greece, where you’ll enjoy comfortable accommodation for two nights with breakfast included. But that’s just the beginning. Immerse yourself in the natural wonders of the Aoos Gorge as we traverse its stunning landscapes, waterfalls, and crystal-clear river waters. The adventure includes a variety of exciting activities, all covered in the package price of €220. And if you book before August 31st, you’ll receive a €20 early bird discount!

What’s Included (Cost: 220€ – early bird 200€)

  1. Accommodation: Enjoy two nights of cozy accommodation in Konitsa, along with a hearty breakfast to energize you for the day’s adventures.
  2. River Trekking: Dive into the heart of the Aoos Gorge with a guided river trekking experience, brought to you through the collaboration with Mountain Vein. Traverse the waterways, swim through pools, and embrace the thrill of nature’s playground.
  3. Gear: We’ve got you covered with all the necessary equipment for a safe and enjoyable journey. Wetsuits, socks, boots, helmets, and dry bags are provided, ensuring your comfort and protection.
  4. Snacks: Keep your energy levels high with provided snacks throughout the trek, so you can focus on the excitement around you.
  5. BBQ Feast: After a day filled with excitement, wind down with a relaxing barbecue session. Share stories of the day’s escapades as you indulge in delicious food and drink.
  6. Yoga Session: The adventure continues with a rejuvenating yoga session led by Giannis Spyroudis the following morning. Stretch your body, clear your mind, and connect with the surrounding nature.
  7. Professional Photographer: Capture every thrilling moment with our professional photographer who will be with us throughout the adventure. Share the photos for your own use and relive the experience whenever you wish.
  8. Exploration: Conclude your adventure with a short hike through a scenic gorge that leads to the quaint village of Pigi. Delight in a meal at a charming local tavern before heading back.



Day 1 – Friday, September 22nd

  • Arrive in Konitsa after 18:00.
  • Meet our experienced guide at 21:00 to discuss gear and details.


Day 2 – Saturday, September 23rd

  • Early breakfast and departure to the village of Elefthero.
  • A 30-minute scenic hike to the river.
  • Gear up for the exhilarating river trekking adventure.
  • 5-6 hours of pure fun, swimming, and diving in the river.
  • Reach Konitsa, relax, and prepare for the evening BBQ celebration.


Day 3 – Sunday, September 24th

  • Wake up to a refreshing yoga session with Giannis Spyroudis.
  • Embark on a short hike through a picturesque gorge to Pigi village.
  • Enjoy a meal at a charming tavern.
  • Return to Konitsa with transportation vehicles to gather your belongings.


Don’t Miss Out

This Aoos Gorge river trekking excursion is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore the natural beauty of Greece in an adventurous and unforgettable way. The thrill of river trekking, the relaxation of yoga, the camaraderie of the BBQ, and the exploration of charming villages await you. Secure your spot now to ensure a place on this incredible journey. Book before August 31st to avail of the €20 early bird discount.

Get ready to create memories, forge connections, and discover Greece like never before. Join us for an adventure that promises to be the highlight of your year. Contact us today to reserve your place and be a part of this thrilling expedition!

to book your spot contact us: thethingaboutgreece@gmail.com

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