TTAG IKARIA Surf & Yoga Retreat

Join us on the island of eternal youth for a week of Surfing, Yoga, Hot Springs, Dancing, Music, Amazing Food and Relaxation. In cooperation with Ikaria Surf School and Yoga certified instructor Yiannis Spyroudis, our retreat combines surfing with a specifically designed yoga-mobility program for surfers (stretching, flexibility, balance, strength and handstands).

Dip your feet in the island’s natural hot springs, dance with us at a traditional Panigiri, and if the water is flat come with us on an SUP adventure along the beautiful coastline with plenty of rocks to jump off. With an experienced team of photographers and filmers joining us on our adventures you’re guaranteed to go home with more than just a suntan and a surf rash!

EARLY BIRD Prices Available until 31st May!!!


  • Standard Single Regular €785 / Early Bird €735
  • Standard Double Regular €710 / Early Bird €660
  • Standard Triple Regular €695 / Early Bird €645
  • Lux Single Regular €965 / Early Bird €915
  • Lux Double Regular €885 / Early Bird €835
  • Lux Triple Regular €815 / Early Bird €765
  • No Accommodation Regular €510 / Early Bird €460
Calendar Icon 31/08-06/09/24 Clock Icon 7 days Difficulty Icon Level 3/10
460  to €915 Early Bird Packages
150  Down Payment
Trip Description

Surfing in Ikaria

The surfing here is the best you can find in Greece. Messakti beach is the one of the greatest spots in the country for beginners and medium level surfers. Ikaria Surf School is well equipped with everything you need so that you’ll will be riding your first wave in no time!

Yoga and Mobility

As you may know surfing and yoga are two thing very well combined. There will be an everyday program, for every level, created by our experienced yoga instructor Yiannis Spyroudis.

In our camp we will be using one key element of this system/practice, the somatic/body exercise (asana) to combine it with our surfing lessons, aiming to both strengthen and flex our muscles and create a unique experience in and out of the water.

Our daily routine/program will include:

  • a morning session: time to warm up while strengthening our core, hands and legs and getting us ready for our surf lessons. Body postures and sequences aiming to strengthen your core and increase your balance/stability, in combination with breathing exercises  will energise us and prepare us for a safe ride.
  • an afternoon session: offer yourself a chance to relax /release the tension with a carefully designed program focusing on stretching and flexing your muscles/body after a long day surfing.
  • Open jam sessions: in our chill time or when the waves are small grab the opportunity to play and work on anything you want including handstands, arm balances and acrobatics!

All sessions designed by our experienced yoga instructor Yiannis Spyroudis are open to all levels, without any previous experience necessary.


We’ll be staying in the cosy beachside village of Gialiskari, within walking distance of the surf spot. A small village, that has everything you need including a mini market, a few traditional greek tavernas (yes there will be gyros and souvlaki) and a couple of small bars to grab a refreshing mojito or ouzo.

Marinos Rooms (Standard Option)

Kialaris Villas (Lux Option)


  • Standard Single Regular €785 / Early Bird €735
  • Standard Double Regular €710 / Early Bird €660
  • Standard Triple Regular €695 / Early Bird €645
  • Lux Single Regular €965 / Early Bird €915
  • Lux Double Regular €885 / Early Bird €835
  • Lux Triple Regular €815 / Early Bird €765
  • No Accommodation Regular €510 / Early Bird €460

Other Activities

Ikaria – “The island where people forget to die”, is not only home to some great beaches, but more importantly to a wholesome and balanced lifestyle, that keeps everyone forever young. Surprisingly this involves a lot of ‘Good Living’, including dancing at “panigiria” (traditional fiestas) and drinking local wine, said to have therapeutic properties second only to the natural hot spring found in several places on the island. So let us take you on a rejuvenating adventure on this natural utopia, and we promise you’ll never want to leave!

What's Included:

  • Daily yoga & mobility sessions
  • 3 Practical Surfing Lessons, 1 Theory Lesson & Video Review
  • Unlimited Surfing Equipment use (subject to Ikaria Surf Schools water safety protocol and availability)
  • Accommodation of your choice
  • Transfers to and from Airport and Port
  • Transfer to Hot Springs, Seychelles Beach, Akamatra and Panigiri
  • Photos & Videos to take home with you by our amazing photographers

What's not Included:

  • Food & Drink


After arriving on the island either by boat or airplane, and getting picked up by one of our crew members, we’ll help you settle into your rooms and answer any questions you have about the location.

That evening we meet down by the surf school to get to know each other a little bit. It’s only a short ten minute walk from town. Maybe we’ll play a little game or two, maybe not, either way we all end up grabbing a drink together and sharing stories by the end of the evening.



Early (but not too early) morning yoga session with Yianni in the forest overlooking the beach. Let’s work through that jet lag, or hours spent in an awkward seat on a plane or boat, and loosen up for the fun days ahead.

After that join us for a coffee and breakfast at our favourite little cafe in Gialiskari village, Amaranthos. Fresh juices, vegan choices and some great local products to get you energized for the day.

After a little personal time we head down to the beach for our first surf lesson in the late afternoon. The Ikaria Surf School instructors will walk you through the basics of paddling, standing up and reading the waves just to get you started. If you can already surf grab a board and jump in! Everyone gets a go today, and hopefully gets to catch a wave!

In the evening we wind down with a wholesome dinner at one of our favourite local tavernas, everyone is invited but by no means is it mandatory.



Let’s get going with another energizing yoga session with Yianni, this time down on the beach, in full view of the waves.

Next, grab our boards and follow our instructors into the water in groups, to keep working on our surfing skills and lessons. Everyone gets a wave today, no matter what!

Apres-lesson time means relaxing and avoiding the afternoon heat. Siestas, showers, a good book and a power nap.

Tonight we head to Armenistis village to another one of our favourite restaurants Meri Meri for dinner, and then down to the beach for a night cap, or just a friendly chat for whoever is interested. As always this is optional, you’re more than welcome to do your own thing. We’ll always understand and be happy to offer advice on where to go or what to do.



Meet down at Puerto Cafe/Bar for a morning theory lesson with the Ikaria Surf School instructors. Together with out video review you’ll get a personalised theory lesson about your particular technique to help you make the most out of our third surf lesson. By the way we recommend getting the scrambled eggs and fresh fruit juice here its great!

Take the early afternoon off to get some rest, go for a swim, read a book , join us for some beach games or simply relax under the shade of our shade cloth by the sea.

Sunset surf lesson number 3. Grab your boards, suit up and jump in with our instructors again for another chance to work on that technique. No excuses this time, we wanna see you catch some long waves. Smiles and laughter are absolutely mandatory.

After our session we stretch it out on the beach with Yianni before heading back to shower and rest.

Join us for dinner, a drink, maybe a dance, or do your own thing. It’s up to you.



Today we’re road tripping… Well technically it’s just about an hour trip to the famous Ikaria Therma hot springs. Soak in the natural hot springs for about 20 minutes, and then go for a swim in the cozy little natural harbour of Therma village. We’ll grab a light lunch at one of our favourite spots there, before jumping on the minibus and heading about an hour West to “Seychelles” beach.

Make sure to bring some comfy shoes because its about a 30 minute walk from the road down a dirt path to the legendary Seychelles beach. Giant rock formations and crystal blue waters make this spot a must see for everyone.

Before sunset we’ll head back up to the bus and jump in for one last trip about 40 minutes to the village of Akamatra and the all-time food experience called “Sta Perix”. We’re tired, and a little dizzy from the sun and the drive, but all that will melt away with a little local wine and some amazing local food.




Early yoga session with Yianni to work through the wine and food from the night before.

Then grab coffee and breakfast with us, before heading down to the beach for a day of fun. Beach games, surfing, sunbathing, whatever you want to do, anything goes.

That evening we head to one of Ikaria’s most famous Panigiria, to eat, drink, dance and celebrate what we’re sure will have been an amazing week getting to know all of you, and finding peace and balance amongst the waves and mountains of the island. Surely a night you’ll never forget.



Our saddest day. We all meet up for breakfast and coffee at our favourite cafe in Gialiskari village, before saying goodbye to everyone leaving today. Whether by boat or plane we’ll have a transfer ready to take you, and your amazing memories to the port on time. Don’t forget to take your T shirt and tote bag we gifted you with you!!! See you again next year

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