Ikaria, The land of eternal life

Ikaria, The land of eternal life

Located in the Eastern Aegean Sea, its name, Ikaria or Icaria, is intertwined with Greek mythology deriving its name from Icarus, the son of famous engineer Daedalus in Greek mythology. According to the tradition, the father and son had escaped Creta island by flying, using wings made of wax. Icarus despite his father’s warnings flew too close to the sun, his wings melted and he fell into the sea nearby Ikaria island.

Nowadays, the island has become particularly famous all over the world for the longevity of its inhabitants, one of the 5 blue zones globally ( read more https://www.nationalgeographic.com/books/article/5-blue-zones-where-the-worlds-healthiest-people-live).

The locals suggest that their nutritious Mediterranean diet, walking, the island’s thermal springs, renowned for their chemical composition and of course a stress-free daily life are the reasons for the unusual longevity.

Ikaria island is by far the best alternative destination in the Eastern Aegean!

Besides the island’s sandy beaches, crystal blue sea, impressive waves for surfing, and the green hillsides, you will experience another way of living Life seems to slow down on the island, offering a break from your daily routine and connet with authentic, laid-back people. The unparalleled local lifestyle, along with the one of a kind work-rest schedule, the famous festivals (panigiri) where all people, young and old, locals and guests dance together, the local customs, the delicious food consist a seductive vibe of this island is so, getting into the mood straight away!

As for the beaches, they boast the most beautiful wild natural landscapes! Explore Seychelles with the unique rock formations and the crystal clear water, grab your surfboard or SUP in the magnificent Mesakti, visit Therma to swim into the open-air thermal springs and walk through Nas, one of the best places for marveling at the Aegean sunset!

Once you manage to peel yourself away from the amazing beaches, head to the little gems of the island: its picturesque villages! Visit Christos, Armenistis, Akamatra, Karavostamos and so many others to immerse yourself in the island’s unique culture. Spending time at the villages will give you the opportunity to observe the everyday life of the islanders firsthand, learn their longevity secrets, gorge on homemade delicacies and taste the local wine!

See you in Ikaria!