The Dragons Of Epirus - Greece's Highest Hockey Game


One of the cleanest and least industrialised areas left in Europe is currently being surveyed for oil and natural gas extraction. If the project moves forward it will cause the death of thousands of native plant and animal species and destroy one of Greece’s last remaining nature sanctuaries. Find out more at and

The Story: Greek ice hockey players are a rare breed. In late 2017 these four players from one of the country’s few hockey clubs – Iptameni, got the chance to play the first ever game of pond hockey in the Greece’s history. A monumental occasion for anyone who has played hockey their whole life, and a great adventure into the beautiful wilderness that is Epirus.

Around the same time some big oil companies started to send research teams to the region to inspect possible oil extraction sites. When we found out Epirus under attack we decided to use the experience to raise awareness around the issue. The myth of the Dragons of Epirus is online and is very interesting for anyone who cares to read more. (…)

Directed by Themistocles Lambridis
Cinematography Constantine Papanicolaou
Special Thanks to Munti Smolikas Guesthouse for their generous accommodation.