The Peloponnese Experience - Custom Tour


Summer 2022, hot and dry, where to take a fun family of six on an authentic Greek custom tour? The Peloponnese! It’s a great getaway destination for all kinds of activities, good food, beautiful waters and rich mountain landscapes.

Our 5 day adventure began with settling into our traditional Airbnb property outside of Nafplio, where we would be based.

Day 1 – Travel to Nafplio and settle into home base. We spent the evening exploring Nafplio’s old town, walking along the seafront learning about the history of the region.

Day 2 –  a trip to Polilimnio. This place is an oasis tucked neatly into the forest and hills of the Messinia region. It’s full of fresh flowing water, waterfalls and pools to escape the heat in. Once we left the safety of the shaded forest we headed to Pilos for a great authentic lunch, and then headed to Voidokilia beach for a little relaxation.

Day 3 – Only a short drive from our base we boarded a sailboat chartered from Sailing Nafplio and headed out into the bay. A great ride with a little sailing, lots of diving, snorkelling, paddleboarding and good food and wine. That evening it was back to base and a delicious home cooked Carbonara.

Day 4 – Trip to Leonidio and Tiros. These little villages down the East coast are climbing hubs during the winter, and really great places to visit during the summer when it’s actually NOT high tourism season in the area. Traditional architecture, authentic flavors and cool waters made the day colorful and lots of fun.

Day 5 – Scuba Diving! We headed to Mani Water Sports in Limeni for a day full of water sports and fish. The cool blue waters were another oasis in the summer heat, and there was a little something for everyone to enjoy. After filling up on delicious seafood we headed to Githeio to check out the lighthouse and take in the sunset. A day well spent.