Victor Daviet - Trip Roulette Greece Custom Tour


In 2019 when Victor Daviet asked us if we could organise a custom tour to film his new snowboard video project in Greece I was immediately intrigued. He said he wanted to ride horses, build jumps, and snowboard in untracked terrain. I knew just where to take him and his group of riding buddies. Epirus.

First we headed to Mt Tymfi to find Pegasus Activities, and hook up some horses for the project. Luckily the horses were friendly and seemed to like the cold, so we saddled up and headed up towards the snow line. Once we got to the snow the crew packed their stuff and headed up on foot to discover some new terrain and finish out the day building jumps and getting some great footage.

Next up… Smolikas. After our horse adventure, we took the opportunity to stay at one of my favourite places, the small wooden hut above Palioselli Village, by Konitsa. There we would find a little bit of dry wood to stock the wood burner after first spending the day hiking and riding on Smolikas Mountain.

That evening we fell asleep to the sweet sounds of wood burning and the warmth it gave after a long day. Its peaceful glow wouldn’t last long though. 3am and its GO TIME. Thick white smoke filled the entire hut. Some wet branches had clogged the burner and now we were in a smoke soup. Can’t breathe. We opened all the windows and door letting all the smoke, and heat, out of the building. And back we went into our warm sleeping bags while the cold room sat silent but clear.

Finally we made it to Parnassos for another good hiking session up above Gerontovrachos to one of my favourite spots for a sunset run, with the view of the Corinthian gulf in the background. Can’t beat it. The boys were happy, the filming crew was happy. I helped them get some money shots with my drone too, and we wrapped it up…